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Elisabettasammarco sportswear  

​Feel free to express yourself in all your shining light and beauty form your inside and your outside. to do so you also need to feel comfortable. If you fit well in your body and close you will feel ease in your within as well and viceversa.


How to choose your yoga clothing

When you choose to practice yoga you are choosing something that makes you feel good in your body as well. 

That is why it is very important to wear what you like and in particular what makes you comfortable, it the outfit but also in your body! Considering what to wear in your yoga ti si not only about fashion, also because nowadays we wear for a longer time the yoga outfit, before and after our yoga class. 

the outfit could help us in the practice or sometimes obstacle it!! 

How the yoga sutra define an Asana

The term Asana litteram means , «seated position» or   «meditation posture»

Sutra number 46 of Patanjali say “Sthira sukham asanam”  Asana is position that is steady and comfortable. Asana is also explained in the context of the 8 limbs of yoga, as the third step to reach the Samadhi in a yogi path. 

Performing a yoga pose it is not only about alignment, it is about being able to breath deeply, feeling comfortable and stable in the effort is a sense of connection and awareness with the pose and the present moment. 

Ricevi uno Sconto con Kalena Yoga


Thank to Kalena Yoga you can have now get special discount in the Elisabettasammarco collection of sportswear and beach wear to always get the maximum of comport in your yoga practice. 

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