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Kalena Yoga online lessons

Gentle Yoga

Basic level

Tuesday and Thursday 18.30-19.30

With Elisa P. or Beatrice

Take time for yourself: yoga becomes simple and rebalancing through this lesson suitable for everyone

This lesson is aimed at everyone: it is suitable for those who want to approach yoga, for those who start practicing again after a stopped period, for those who do not feel trained, for those who are pregnant, or simply for those who need to take time for themselves. itself and reconnect.


Hatha Slow Flow

Basic and intermediate level

Raise awareness of yourself by guiding the mind and freeing the body

Practice to disconnect from the outside world, a sequence in which you control your thoughts and dominate your body, with calm, presence but also strength and stability.

Raise awareness of yourself by guiding the mind  and freeing the body

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Vinyasa Flow

Basic and intermediate level

Tuesday and Thursday 10.00-11.00 -  With Marta or Elena

Wednesday 19.30-20.30 -  With Francesca

Reconnect to your inner energy through your breath and this dynamic practice

Fluid and coordinated breathing practice to reconnect with ourselves and our body, The rhythm is dynamic to activate our metabolic fire and energize us from within, discover and consolidate the basics of yoga through always new and fun transactions. 


Prana Yoga

Basic and intermediate level

Saturday 10.00-11.00

A different teacher every week

Stimulate your life energy

Creative lesson, in which we try to stimulate not only our muscles but also our vital energy through Pranayama breathing exercises and awareness practices on the chakra system and the subtle energies of our being.


Each week with a different teacher for those who want to approach yoga with curiosity. Find out what this week's theme is.


Private Yoga


75 minutes private

Times and days to be agreed with the teacher

A lesson just for you

If you want a personalized lesson, try a 75-minute one-on-one lesson with the teacher of your choice.


It is a unique opportunity to practice yoga in a personal way but always remaining assisted by a qualified person who guides your practice.



Package of 5 private lessons of 75 minutes

Times and days to be agreed with the teacher

A personalized path

If you want to start a little deeper and see concrete effects on your mind, body and energy, a yoga class alone may not be enough, but a 5-lesson package could guide you through a transformation process. inner.

The teacher you choose will be happy to set goals with you and give you the tools to achieve them. 

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