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Kalena Yoga teachers




The moments of pure clarity or enlightenment are possible when we stop and with an attitude of listening and non-judgment we observe the immense depth of our interior, the beauty and uniqueness of our being and of all existence.


For me Yoga is the simplest and most direct tool to reach those moments of enlightenment, each of us in the space of our appettino, becomes one with the Universe. 



Live in the present now.

Draw your body through the fluid movement of the breath; learn to connect to your inner self to face life with a sense of gratitude and awareness.

My practice follows an active and regenerating rhythm to stimulate every part of the body, and then surrender to our breath.

The practice is suitable for each student who will be followed and listened to in each asana, entering step by step into the world of yoga

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Veronica, a graduate in Developmental Psychology, has always been interested in the connection between mind and body, how they collaborate and interact constantly and how this happens.


From here begins his discovery and deepening of Yoga as a way to bring these two aspects of the human being back into balance and to let them flow and enhance them.

For her, Yoga is at the same time the means and the end, what allows the person to be what he really is both on and off the mat.


Are you ready to find out who you really are? Beyond any shape and structure?  

What would it be like to discover that you are so much more than what you thought you were?

Elisa P.

"Yoga teaches us to change what cannot be accepted and to accept what cannot be changed"


This quote reflects my approach to yoga, made of the desire to know my body, my mind, my spirit as a whole from which we cannot ignore.


Non-judgment is a journey to be made within ourselves, to love and love ourselves.


The universe is not outside but within us.

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My practice follows the rhythm of nature and the seasons, alternating lessons of soft vinyasa flow with more dynamic and detoxifying lessons.

Month by month, we go through the seasons together entering them with sweetness and fluidity, through our body we can discover new spaces and vitality.

We get in touch with ourselves at the rhythm of our breathing.


The more we create awareness of our body the more we can have control over our mind and prevent the onset of diseases.

The purpose of Yoga is to create the body-mind connection by moving between the strength and flexibility of the two components.


Explore the wholeness of your being through Hatha and Vinyasa practice by going beyond the body and its potential.



I'm an avid researcher of why  and how  in every topic that interests me.


My first approach to yoga was to improve physical performance but surprisingly I discovered how effective it is in managing the mind and emotions.


A world has opened up, and as a teacher I have deepened many dynamics of the human being and of nature. Teaching has become natural: why not let others experience what makes you feel good?

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