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In a yoga session it is usual to be inebriated by the aromas of incense, or the scent of sage and Palo Santo, which connect us deeply to the present moment and to the yoga or meditation atmosphere.

There is a reason that is not just about an ambient profusion:  the stimulation of the sense of smell boosts the deeper parts of our brain, and thank to this deep connection we can guide our mind to focus on the present moment, or even encourage the body to relax. , energize or integrate trough specific chemical activations. . 

Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants, these called  "oils" capture the plant's scent and flavor: a unique aromatic compounds that represent the information principle of each plant, precisely their essence.

These special substances help us to connect, through the sense of smell, to nature. Each essential oil has special characteristics that it can communicate to our cells in a unique language.  

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