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Kalena Yoga Partnerships

Kalena promotes yoga, and well-being in all its forms! for this we are open to integrate into our practice and our lifestyle everything that makes us vibrate in harmony. 

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Essential oils and derivative products

Essential oils are used in the practice of yoga for their ability to promote emotional well-being and mental peace by integrating and promoting the practice. 
DoTERRA essential oils are 100% "pure" and sustainable, which is why Kalena has been using these products forever. 

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In any yoga position it is essential to feel comfortable and at ease, which is why yoga clothing is really important to be :

  • Supportive, holding all those body parts in place.

  • Made from breathable fabric so you don’t get hot and flustered.

  • Able to stay put, no matter what position you find yourself in

  • Non-restrictive, so you can stretch easily

Kalena Yoga collaborates and promotes an all-Italian brand that satisfies all the needs of comfort and also give you a yogi style.

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