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Rebalance yourself

A Day Workshop




The last two years have really impacted our lives. From inner confrontations, loneliness and fear, and also bringing positive aspects, that may have happened because of the extra  time we suddenly had on our hands, and with it we got better in touch with ourselves. With the world opening up again, choices and temptations returning, increasingly falling into old habits. How do you keep the balance you have found in the past years? Or how do you form a (new) inner balance that you would like in your life?


Ketelhuisplein 43, Amsterdam Oud-Westsaturday


28th of may 2022

14:00 - 22:40


 68 Euro


Price including workshops and meals

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During the intuitive painting workshop you can let go of the mind, and play with paint and colour. This brings space to transform beliefs into tools for your daily life. At the end of this active day you will experience a relaxing sound healing. Through the musical vibrations and frequencies your brainwaves are synchronised, which leads to enjoying a deep relaxation.

In between workshops we will take care of drinks, snacks and a healthy vegan dinner. You will end the day relaxed and with a new inspiration for harmony in your current life and go home with a beautifully filled and inspiring goodie bag.

Will we see you on 28 May? 




With a small group we will experience an informative, enthusiastic and inspiring day

The focus of this day is to (re)discover and strengthen the balance in your life. Through yoga, an intuitive workshop and sound healing, you will receive tools to learn more about yourself, trust your feelings and thus be able to recognize and indicate your boundaries better.

During the yoga classes we alternate between active and relaxed poses. You will get to know your body better and explore the poses that suit your body.

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