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Hatha Vinyasa Fundamental

Basic level

Give yourself time to create a fluid and harmonizing practice, a basic lesson suitable for everyone

Lesson that focuses on listening to our being, and on how our internal duality manifests itself in a perfect and balanced instrument that is our body.


Practice  dynamic but at the same time introspective to discover the basics of yoga and consolidate them through movement and breath.

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Yoga Lab

Basic and intermediate level

Experience a different focus each week through breath, body and mind

Lesson  creative, different every Saturday and with a different teacher for those who want to approach yoga with curiosity.


Each lesson has a theme,  find out what this week's theme is.


English Class

Basic level

International Yoga Class

Twice a month we offer a class in English because yoga is international and yoga online has no boundaries.


Private lesson

All levels

Treat yourself to a personalized lesson prepared for your needs and expectations

If you want a personalized lesson, try a lesson or a package of lessons face to face with your teacher!

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